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Voiceover Demos

My voice is neutral British with a natural sound that is cool, husky and modern. My voice age, ranges from 20s to 40, providing a young, upbeat and fresh read, to a smooth, credible, genuine one.

Listen to me

My voice never gets lost in the mix, listen below to hear the variety of my reads. From cool, modern and fresh in my imaging reel, to young and upbeat,  husky and sultry, or conversational, trustworthy and emotive on my commercial reel.

If you like what you hear click below for my contact details and we can discuss your project further. Or, if you’re unsure I’m the right voice actor for you, I’m always more than happy to supply a custom demo.

My work

I have gained a wealth of experience working for many different clients, my versatile sound means I have voiced everything from cool and confident radio imaging that cuts through, to friendly and relatable tv and radio commercials and everything in between.

Play Video about screenshot veet

Some of the clients I've worked with.